How To Unlock Steering Wheel Without Key- For Better Learning

Today, we are pleased to offer the victims some useful suggestions on how to unlock steering wheel without key and say goodbye to failed car ignition.
Before beginning, here is a catch-up, “your car is failing to ignite not because of the ignition but due to unexpected locking of tor cars steering wheel”!

People often undergo the problem of their car failing to start the ignition. This might become an unnecessary hassle if they are to attend a meeting on time, and in the morning, their car is failing to work. Even though they have implemented all the strategies to solve the problem, no such result is found as an outcome.

Some main reasons for steering wheel lock during the time of driving

Some main reasons for steering wheel lock during the time of driving

Problems with the car power steering pump

Technology has advanced day by day. Cars are not like they used to be 20 years ago. Today’s cars are equipped with power steering technology, which uses a pump to drive pressure to the wheel axel to rotate the wheel of the car when you rotate the steering wheel. This eases the driving experience, unlike old cars which used to lack this technology for which drivers had to deliver huge pressure onto the steering wheel to turn the car. Today thanks to advance tech for which rotating steering takes negligible work of the driver’s muscle. Even though this technology is advanced, it is quite fragile to damage. As the pump takes energy from the ignition of the car, when the car ignition fails, the steering wheel becomes stiff and hard to rotate resulting in steering lock.

Result of taking sharp turns

Some people like showing off their driving skills to the pedestrian or the passenger in the car. Even though you have done this action several times and no problems were seen, the problem gradually builds up and the result pops up all of a sudden maybe while you are in a long run with your car. When you take a sharp turn, the steering wheel applies a pressure known as torque to the wheel axels to rotate while you are in high speed. Sometimes excess torque puts a lot of stress to the car rotating axels of the wheel which might result in your steering pump getting stuck. And if this happens, it results in a steering lock. Now as you know the consequences of sharp turns, hopefully, you will avoid this kind of activity in your car.

Ignition lock of the car

A situation may be faced when the car’s key fails to turn although you have tried to do so. This situation might be seen either when you are turning off the car by rotating the key or turning on the car by rotating the key, and the key doesn’t rotate. This unexpected situation is known as a sudden lock-up of the car where you are trying to turn the key, and the key won’t rotate. It is encouraged highly that if this situation is seen, without wasting time, you should consult your car to your mechanic as fast as you can.

Methods of unlocking the steering wheel and the tools that you need to unlock

Essential tools needed before proceeding further: screwdriver, canned air & electrical Cleanser.

First Methods

Step-1: Insert key into the ignition. Your steering wheel might be locked because you have put pressure on the steering wheel while leaving your car last time you drove. Unlocking the wheel will require the key inside the keyhole and making it rotate.

Step-2: Turn the key gently .slowly rotate the key clockwise and anticlockwise until there is a click sound. If there is a click sound, you have successfully unlocked the wheel. Be cautious not to turn the key harshly anticlockwise and clockwise as this might break the cylinder, or the key might get broken and stuck inside the keyhole. If your car is to be unlocked by this method, it will be unlocked without applying much pressure. Giving more pressure will not affect the result.

Step-3: Apply pressure to the steering wheel. Your steering wheel is locked with a pin inside. Slowly turn the steering wheel both side and see which side rotate slightly. Then apply pressure to the side, which rotates slightly with one hand and, at the same time, uses the other hand to keep rotating the car keys inside the keyhole. If this method is successful, the car steering wheel will rotate after you have done this activity.

Step-4: Avoid shaking the steering wheel back and forth. This damages the pin inside the wheel and makes you unsuccessful in unlocking the car steering wheel.

You must turn the wheel and key at once to unlock it.

Second Methods

Step-1: Use an electrical cleaner. Remove any key inside the keyhole. Gently spray the cleanser inside the keyhole. Then insert the key and remove it. The cleanser is enough to lubricate the keyhole if the cylinder is seized. This might solve the problem. If this works, you must soon replace the ignition cylinder.

Step-2: Spray canned air inside the keyhole. Then insert the key and remove it. Repeat the process until debris comes out of the keyhole deposited inside it. Always put eye protection as canned air might blow out the debris which might get inside your eyes.

Final Thoughts!

These two methods should unlock the cars steering wheel if there is no such major problem. It is highly recommended to show the car mechanic if the problem remains.

Finally, If you read our whole article, we can hopefully assure you that you will be able to know how to unlock steering wheel without key.

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