How To Reset Viper Alarm- Impeccable Guiding

Viper is a car alarm system. Read to know more about Viper alarm and how to reset Viper alarm. Viper is an industry leader in car alarm technology. The car alarm system is stuffed with world-class security for your vehicle. It offers cutting edge technology since the company’s founding. 

With the help of a Viper alarm, you can arm or disarm your vehicle any time you want. Thanks to their advanced technology. It also has a kill engine feature programmed to it. The kill engine feature lets you stop your vehicle engine from starting. 

Although advanced technology is mind-blowing, there are still flaws in it. You might want to reset your car’s viper alarm due to inconveniences. This is why you need to know how to reset viper alarm. 

Shortcuts Of Resetting Viper Alarm

Note that weather, if you are using Viper 4105v or viper 474V, doesn’t matter or any other doesn’t matter. The ways below will help you know how to reset viper alarm. 

Way 1

  1. As the alarm starts to ring, hold your viper remote in your hand and point the fob key towards your car. 
  2. Hold for 10 seconds. Then press the lock button on your key. Now your alarm has been reset.  

This is one way of how to reset your viper alarm. This technique is not complicated as it only requires holding the lock button on your viper key. This technique will fail to work if you are resetting your viper alarm after replacing a dead battery. 

Way 2

  1. Unlock the car using the starter remote.  
  2. Enter inside the car. 
  3. Do not start the car using the remote.
  4. Do not close the driver’s door. 
  5. Now put the key inside the car. 
  6. Put your car into the ON position. 
  7. Do not start the car!
  8. Press and hold the Valet button inside your car. Keep the button pressed until your car horn beeps up. Release your hand then. 
  9. Take your starter button and press the starter button with one hand and with the other hand, press the valet button again. Hold on the press until your car horn beeps up again. After it beeps, release both of your hands. 

Mind not to jump into any steps. You need to follow the procedures step by step. This is another way how to reset viper alarm. 

Way 3

  1. Unplug the brain from the harness of your car. 
  2. Turn on the ignition. 
  3. Put the brain back.
  4. This will shut down the alarm system and reset your alarm!  

However, if the above way fails, go to the next way on how to reset viper alarm. 

Way 4

  1. Get the model number of your viper alarm. 
  2. Go to viper website and search for installers and owners manual. 
  3. Download the manual. 
  4. Try to synchronize by following the steps as indicated inside the manual. 
  5. Avoid pressing any buttons while you carry this step.  
  6. If all of the Ways written above doesn’t work, keep on reading to know how to reprogram your viper remote.  
  7. Reprogramming Viper Remote
  8. The procedures below will let you reprogram your viper remote for your car. This process is applicable for both new and old remote. 
  9. Open the door of the car and enter inside. 
  10. Let the driver’s door be open. 
  11. Insert your car key onto the ignition and turn it to ON position. 
  12. Do not start your car. 
  13. Locate your car alarm transmitter. 
  14. Press the switch located onto the transmitter. Do press the switch 7 times repeatedly. 
  15. On the 8th time, press and hold the switch. 
  16. When you start hearing the beep sound, press the lock button to reprogram your viper remote. 

If you hear no beeping sound, repeat the steps and try again.

What If Remote Fails To Start

Check some of the procedures to know how to troubleshoot this problem. 

  1. Turn the toggle switch ON.
  2. By mistake, you might have turned off the toggle switch. Go ahead and turn on the toggle switch. 
  3. Check the hood pin
  4. Under the hood, there is a remote start system. The hood pin disables the start system when you open the car hood temporarily. Hence if it doesn’t reset automatically, Grab a digital multimeter to check if it is working. Show a car mechanic if necessary. 

There are many more reasons, but all the reasons are not possible to list here. However, if your problem remains, visit a car mechanic. 

Replacement Of Viper Remote

If you do need to replace a viper remote, it is highly discouraged to buy from random third party shops. If you are looking for a genuine viper remote, then note your remotes RPN number, which stands for “Remote Part Number.” You can also buy from Viper’s website. career help


Viper is a world-class quality assured brand. However, everything in this world has some flaws.

We hope this article is enough to give you the information you need about how to reset your viper alarm. Plus excluding this, there is some additional information included in this article which might help you anyways!

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