How To Install LED Headlights-The Proper Guide For You

LED stands for light-emitting diode. LED’s are more efficient than traditional light bulbs. Furthermore, they are also much brighter than any traditional bulbs! Today, we are pleased to offer you a guide on how to install LED headlights. We hope this guide will completely help you to know how to install LED headlights with ease.

Furthermore, by the end of the article, you will have known new essential things besides learning how to install LED headlights. So keep on reading to know more! Moreover, if you like our article after reading it, please do check our other reviews.

How To Install LED Headlights

This article will guide you step by step. For better clarification, we have modified the points with numbers. This will let you follow the sequences stepwise. Learn how to install LED headlights.  

Find the headlight bulb type.

There are two types of bulbs. One is a single beam, and the other one is a dual beam. A single beam has one high and one low beam with two separate bulbs. The dual-beam has one high beam, and one low beam lit by one bulb. To know which type your car has, refer to the car user manual. If you do not have the user manual or you have lost it, go to the website Sylvania online database. you can also remove your vehicle headlight bulb and read the information given to know. Make a note of your bulb type as soon as you know. 

Buy A LED Conversion Kit

You will need a LED conversion kit to change your bulb to LED. An LED conversion kit is available almost everywhere. You can head to amazon to buy one. The cost should be around $120, including the shipping cost. 

Unbox LED Conversion Kit

As soon as you get the components, check if anything is missing. Check if you got the correct components inside the kit. Furthermore, to be precise, there should be two LED bulbs, two ballasts, and wiring.

Shoot photos

Take your car to the garage. Close the shutter of your garage and face the front of your car towards a flat wall. Then lit the existing headlight of your car. Take a photo of the wall after your headlight is lit. It will be useful later. 

Locate The Bulb Of Headlight 

First of all, be sure to switch OFF your car’s headlight. Then be sure to turn your car’s engine off. Put your parking brake to the ON position. Open the hood of your car. Search for the headlights wire and remove the plastic wiring connector from the bulb. Then detach the wiring connector. Furthermore, if you have never ever opened the plastic connector, It might not separate easily. So take the assist of a screwdriver to open the connector. 

Remove Existing Halogen Bulb

Your car might be factory fitted with a halogen bulb. Remove the halogen bulb, depending on the bulb type. You might need to remove a metal clip first. Then twist the bulb anticlockwise with ease. Use a cloth to twist the bulb if your bulb is hot. Pull out the bulb. Keep the halogen bulb inside a safe storage system. You might need those bulbs later in the future. 

Attach LED Ballast 

Connect the LED ballast wiring. One end of the ballast connects to the new bulb, where’s the other end connects to the original wiring harness. Head to the next step after you connect your wirings correctly. 

Adjust The Cut-off 

After connecting the wires, your bulb will become fully operational. Furthermore, turn the headlight of your car ON, and your bulb will glow. Open your phone’s photo gallery and see the picture you took. Match the height of your previous bulb’s light with the present bulbs. If the present bulb’s light glows with a much higher beam than your previous bulb, adjust the bulb by adjusting the headlight alignment screws. To locate those, refer to the owner’s manual for more information regarding this. 

Secure The Ballasts

Use double-sided tape to secure up the ballasts. Keep the ballast aways from thermal contact. The safe position is to mount on the back of the headlight housing. 

Test Drive

Go for a test drive in your car. Point your headlight toward pedestrians to see if they react. Seeing them normal means your car’s headlight is not disturbing anyone. Good job!



Halogen lights have become outdated. They glow with poor luminance. Their efficiency just sucks. Moreover, who likes those yellowish looking lights! If you have been successful today with the installation process, congratulations on your new headlight. Hopefully, your headlight will last at least five years. Although today’s cars are all equipped with advanced technology light. Expensive car brands like Audi use matrix LED, which is more pleasing to look at. Furthermore, those light changes their position when a pedestrian or a car comes in front of them to avoid blinding the car in front. 

If you are obsessed with headlights and have money, change your car to a new one which has those matrix LEDs. However, we hope by now, you know how to LED headlights. 

Good luck mate with your car!

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