How To Change Brake Pads On Dodge Ram 2500- A Simple Guide

Brake pads are mandatory for the braking system of any car. To know how to change brake pads on Dodge Ram 2500, keep on reading. 

Brake pads consist of friction material. There are two brake pads inside each brake caliper. The brake caliper squeezes the brake pads onto the spinning rotor to slow down the movement of the car when the driver applies the brake.

As the brake pad undergoes tremendous friction, it needs to be replaced after a specific period of time. Friction causes natural wear and tear. That’s why we need to replace the brake pads; otherwise, the braking system will not work correctly. Learn when and how to change brake pads on Dodge Ram 2500.

When To Replace Brake Pads

Illumination of brake system warning light. 

When the warning light of brake illuminates, your brake needs to be replaced. Show your vehicle to a car mechanic. 

High mileage run. 

If your car ran more than 1000 miles with the same brake pads, show your vehicle to a car mechanic. The mechanic will most probably check the width of the remaining friction material. You will need to change the brake pads if the width is less than required. You need to know how to change brake pads on Dodge Ram 2500 for this. 

Taking turns on braking. 

Your car might pull to the left or right when you brake. This means one of the brakes is not working properly when you are braking. For this reason, your car moves in the direction where the brake is applied less. Replace your brake pads if you observe such a situation. 

Pulsation of brake paddle. 

Along with time, the brake rotor develops variation in thickness. This is because of natural wear and tear due to friction, excessive thermal conduction, and many other factors. If such defects actually happen, then pulsation is quite normal. In this case, you might need to change the rotor and the brake pads. The mechanic will tell you what to change. 

Squealing sound

You might hear an unpleasing squeal sound while driving. This sound is coming from the brake. The friction material might be worn out near the backing plate. Consequence is the squealing sound. Although the sound is intentionally made by the car manufacturer to make you aware that the brake pads are getting low, you must inspect it. Moreover, pad replacement is a must in this kind of situation. Furthermore, you need to know how to change brake pads on Dodge Ram 2500.  

Wear indication on the dashboard

Most new cars are equipped with sensors inside the braking system. If your vehicle has one, then you will be able to see it on the dashboard. When your car detects that the friction material on the brake pads is worn to within 2 mm of the pad backing plate, the wear indication will pop up.

Moreover, for all this, you need to know how to change brake pads on Dodge Ram 2500. 

Steps On How To Change Brake Pads On Dodge Ram 2500

  1. Check the thickness of the brake pad with a vernier caliper for precise checking. If the width is less than 2mm, move on to the next step
  2. Inspect the brake rotor visually. For the precision measure with vernier calipers. Measure for thickness variation, run-out, and warpage.
  3. Check the brake caliper, torque plate, pads, and rotors. Determine if the caliper is operating freely or is stuck. 
  4. Install the new pads. Furthermore, install any additional accessories if needed, such as rotors. 
  5. Carefully lubricate the system components of the brake. Lubricate the caliper sliding pins. Inspect the brake fluid condition. Refill the brake fluid if required. 
  6. Finally, take a mechanic for a test drive to see if all the parts are working and appropriately fitted. 


Driving with a brake pad problem is not safe. Any time the brake might fail to operate properly. This might lead to an accident in case of emergency braking. Your family is waiting for you! Do not let your life be at risk for your carelessness. Show your car to a car mechanic as soon as possible if there is a brake pad problem. If required, change them. Don’t keep them to be changed later!

Finally, if you read our article, we can mostly assure you that you will be able to know how to change brake pads on Dodge Ram 2500. 

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