How To Adjust LED Headlight – The Ultimate Guide

Cars used to use halogen and incandescent lights in the past. They used to illuminate yellowish looking light. Furthermore, those lights were short-lasting, and the car owners had to change them after a few years. To eliminate those issues, car manufacturers shifted from using halogen lights to LED lights. Modern cars are fitted with LED lights, which are long-lasting. They might even last the lifetime of your vehicle. LED, which stands for light-emitting diode, emits white light, which is more pleasing to see. Furthermore, they are even more powerful and efficient than those halogen lights. Moreover, there are no issues of light burn out. So today, we are proud to offer you the solution on how to adjust LED headlight. 

Headlights that are not properly aligned can cause some severe problems. You might blind pedestrians in front of you with your light. Furthermore, your pedestrians might feel disturbed by your light for which they might even slang you! We know you don’t want that. We can understand your pain, so here we are today. 

Our article will provide you with all the necessary steps you need to do to adjust your LED headlight. This article is useful for people who need help in adjusting Led headlight. So keep on reading to know how to adjust LED headlight. Moreover, this is an on-point article, which means no irrelevant content. 

You need to read the full article to know how to adjust LED headlight, and we hope you will.  

The ultimate Option

Clean your headlights

Cleaning your headlights before adjusting is a mandatory process. It will ensure that when your light illuminates, there will be no hindrances in its path to obstruct the light flow. 

Drive close to a flat wall

First of all, start the ignition fo your car. Drive the car in front of an even flat wall. It will be better for you if the wall is white in color. 

Make sure to be on a flat surface 

Make sure the ground you’re parked on is level. Give the vehicle a shake from both the left and right sides. This will ensure that your car’s suspension is evened out and settled. Furthermore, check the tire pressure. Check if the tire pressure is to their designated PSI. Moreover, try to keep your vehicle gas tank at least half. 

Turn on your low beam headlight

Make your vehicle low beam headlight turn on. As the light illuminates, mark the top of your headlight beam with a horizontal line on the wall. You should draw a long continuous line.

If your car has the accessibility of adjusting lights horizontally, mark the distance between your headlight centers with two vertical lines of tape. Repeat the process for the other headlight. 

Sometimes one of your headlights might be burned out. For such a situation, use the same vertical height for the burned headlight. 

These lines will be used later.

Reverse 25 feet

Reverse your vehicle 25 feet away from the wall. Make sure to keep your vehicle straight while reversing. Not keeping the vehicle safe will disrupt the whole process. As a result, you will fail to adjust your car headlight properly. 

Remove the old headlights

At this step, remove the old headlight assembly. Sometimes car owners might not know how to remove the old headlights. This is why they will fail to assemble the new ones. Not to worry, though. We have a solution for that also! Visit our article on how to install LED lights. That article will, for sure, teach you how to install your new LED light. After you read that article, return back here.

Adjust the lights!

After you have properly fitted the new LED lights, now is the time to adjust them. Depending on your vehicle model and manufacturing company, you may need to adjust the headlight beam before or after assembling the new LED lights. Now align the car’s headlight so that the top edge of the beam is at the same height as your horizontal lines. If your headlights can be adjusted horizontally or if the lights are producing cut-offs, use the vertical lines to align those headlights properly. 

And then, you are done!


Your vehicle is precious to you. You want your vehicle to look good. This is why you have decided to replace those old ugly halogen light with the new LED lights. Moreover, we hope we were able to solve your question on how to adjust LED headlight. 

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Thanks for considering our article. Furthermore, You might feel interested to visit our article on what are the benefits of maintaining your vehicle.  


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