How To Change A Fuel Pump On A Dodge RAM 1500- You Should Know

Dodge ram 1500 is a truck loved by many. This is not because of the brand tag. It is because of the impeccable service that it provides. However, everything in this world is temporary. This is also applicable for the perfect brand, like Dodge.
With daily usage the fuel pump needs to be changed at a certain time. So this article will guide you on how to change a fuel pump on a dodge ram 1500. Furthermore, this article will provide you additional information such as what are the signs that show that your fuel pump needs to be changed.
Keep on reading to know how to change a fuel pump on a dodge ram 1500.

5 signs you need to replace your fuel pump

As the name suggests, your car has an engine pump so that it can make your car’s fuel to move from the gas tank to the engine. A fuel pump is an important part of your car. To make your cat fully operational, fuel pump is a must. Therefore, any sort of mechanical malfunction or damage to the pump might have a huge impact on the car automatically.
Understanding the warning signs is important for the car owner. Therefore, here you go with the signs

Stuttering of engine

This is the most common and transparent warning of your fuel pump not working properly. Your car engine will jolt and stutter when you will drive in this case. Furthermore, this problem is seen when you are driving at a constant speed and zero acceleration.
The cause of stuttering is due to your car pump struggling to provide an adequate amount of fuel to the car engine. Moreover, this will cause the engine to fail to maintain a steady speed while driving. This kind of fuel pump problem is severely dangerous. It provides a barrier between the driver and the car for which the driver loses control over the car. Show a mechanic as soon as you can if you experience this kind of problem.

Surges of the engine

You may experience sudden surges of driving speed while you are driving. This is when the car’s fuel pump feeds the car with excessive fuel. Sometimes excessive fuel flow might overflow the engine resulting is the flooding of fuel over the engine. This might cause the car to stall out on the road. Although keep in mind poor fuel quality might also cause this problem.

Reduction in fuel efficiency

Improper functioning fuel pump might have a drastic effect on the fuel efficiency. Since inadequate or excessive amounts of fuel are being flown to the engine, you will not get the efficiency you used to get.
It is advisable to solve this problem early. This is because the cost of gas tank fill-up might outpace the cost of replacing the fuel pump.

Noises of high pitch

A good sign that your engine fuel pump is not operating as intended. These high-pitched sounds will increase as time passes if you don’t change the fuel pump. Furthermore, with time the noise will become so annoying that the pedestrians in the road will curse you!
This is why you need to know how to change a fuel pump on a dodge ram 1500.

Failing of ignition start

The most severe warning is your car failing to start. This scenario indicates that your fuel pump is not working for which your car engine is not getting enough fuel. As we know fuel causes a tiny spark in the engine chamber which we call ignition. Hence it is obvious that if the fuel doesn’t reach the engine chamber, your car will not start.
Now let’s know how to change a fuel pump on a dodge ram 1500.

How can you change?

Here is a step by step guide on how to change a fuel pump on a dodge ram 1500. So let’s get started with the steps.


Remove pressure in the fuel system

To remove the pressure first of all remove the filler cap. This will relieve the fuel tank pressure. Then remove from the fuse box remove the fuel pump relay. Turn the engine on for a few seconds until the engine stalls or totally turns off.
Now disconnect the negative battery cable.

Step 2

Raise the rear end of the truck

Rise the rear end of the truck with supporting jacks.
If you have a four-door dodge ram with six footbed, remove the left rear wheel.

Step 3

Disconnect the hoses from metal

Disconnect the hoses from the metal pipes. These hoses are located on the fuel and EVAP lines. Disconnect them by loosening their clamps with the help of a flat-blade screwdriver.

Step 4

Support the tank

Support the fuel tank by rising a transmission jack underneath it.

Step 5

Detach the tank from the car

Unstrap the tank from the vehicle by removing the nuts with a wrench on the straps. Now lower the jack until the tank is low enough. Then disconnect the electrical connector and the fuel supply line from the fuel pump module. Now disconnect those and remove the fuel tank.

Step 6

Clean the tank surface

It is advised to clean the tank surface with acetone or lacquer thinner mainly around the pump module. This will prevent contamination of the tank.

Step 7

Disconnect the fuel line from the fuel filter

After disconnecting the fuel line, disconnect the pressure regulator. This is done by depressing the quick- connect fitting tabs. Then push the lock toward the fuel line fitting and depress the release button to unplug the electrical connector.

Step 8

Turn the lock ring on the fuel pump

Turn the lock ring on the fuel pump module with a large pair of pliers. You can also tap on the lock ring with a hammer. This will make it drift making it turn clockwise. Then unscrew the ring after it is loose.

Step 9

Install the new fuel pump

Install the new fuel pump within the tank. First of all rotate the pump. Rotate until it lines up with the middle of the three hash marks on top of the fuel tank.

Step 10

Place the fuel tank back

Put the fuel tank back to its place on the truck. Connect all the lines to the tank. Follow the reverse order of removal. Now lower the truck. Then turn the ignition switch to on position and hold for 2 seconds. Then turn it off for 2 seconds. Then again turn on and off. Repeat the process 10 times to build the pressure back inside the fuel system.


We hope you were successful in knowing how to change a fuel pump on a Dodge Ram 1500. Furthermore, it is always recommended to show your truck to a car mechanic once in a month. This will not only keep the vehicle aways from problems but also will extend the life span of the vehicle.
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