Buyers Top 10 Choices for the Best Grille Guard For Deer!

You might be looking for the best grille guard for deer. If you are, then you are in the right place. Today, we will be reviewing some of the best grille guards for deer. Below, you will find vast types of grille guard products available in the market and the best grille guard for deer.

Furthermore, our article will be on point review, which means no excess unnecessary information. Moreover, we have listed some of the best grille guards available in the market today. This article is enough to know about some of the best grilles for deer.

As time passes by, reviews tend to change as new products enter the market. We update the site regularly to keep you updated!

Below are some of the best grille guards for Deer available on the market right now. Furthermore, besides the list, we have also given our reviews regarding each in every particular product present in our review today about the best grille guard for deer.

Top 10 Best Grille Guard For Deer; 2023 Reviews

1.0) Westin 57-2505 HDX

Highlighted Features

  • Tube design of 2 inches.
  • Headlights fully guarded.
  • Heavy work silicon pads.
  • Highly polished stainless steel.
  • Custom-fitting accessibility
  • Black powder sedimentation finish
  • Made of durable stainless steel

We have taken Westin 57-2505 HDX grille guard as our first choice because of its unbelievable durability.

This product can withstand rigorous torture. Furthermore, the grille gives your truck/ SUV a savage look. The black finish is long-lasting thanks to its powder coating technology.

West in 57-2505 HDX comes in also stainless steel and black finish beside the black powder coat finish.

This grille will give your truck the ultimate shield you have always desired to have!

Moreover, there is no need to worry about size because the product has a custom fit option. As the guard can be fitted perfectly, this also means that there will be no annoying vibrations!

Tools needed for setup:

  • 18mm socket
  • Rachet
  • Torque wrench


  • Impeccable fit for your vehicle
  • Custom-fit cancels out vibration
  • Rubber-pads maximize vehicle protection
  • Rigid construction design


  • Heavyweight due to dense material

Technically speaking

  • Item weight- 133 pounds
  • The dimension of product- 84×36×28 inch

2.0) Tyger Auto Grille Guard (Front Bumper)

Highlighted features

  • Limited 5 years warranty
  • Rigorous duty 2.5-inch tube frame
  • Durable E-coating black textured surface
  • Channel for optional LED lights
  • Easy installation
  • Rust resistance frame
  • Pre-drilled mounting for the license plate

The Tyger Auto Bumper grille has one of the best customer reviews we have ever seen. It has the best rating for its rust resistance technology.

This grille has an easy installation system. It means you will not have any stress while installing. The installation guide is given inside the user manual.

The Tyger Auto bumper has a durable metal alloy allowing for better resistance against damage. Furthermore, you can take your car with this bumper in a rough condition. We are saying this because of the bumper’s exceptional durability. We are confident enough this bumper will not let you down!

Moreover, e-coating technology gives the bumper a more elegant look. Hence not only the bumper will guard your truck, but it will also enhance the look of your vehicle.

No product comes without some pros and some cons. So we have listed them below.


  • Uniform welding construction
  • Corrosion resistance
  • US patented design


  • some cutting may be required for models from 2016 onwards
  • Skid plate permanently removed once installed

Technically speaking

  • Weight- 33 pounds approx
  • Dimension- 42×21×10 inch
  • Brand – Tyger Auto

3.0) Westin 57-3685 HDX

Highlighted features

  • Fully wrapped wings
  • 2inch tube frame
  • Heavy-duty rubber upright strips
  • Black powder coated
  • spacious rubber strips measure 2 inches
  • Full punch plate grills
  • 2inch wide rubber strips

The HDX Grille Guard is the most ultimate truck gear for extreme conditions. This particular truck gear in withstands almost all types of weather. This gives you an unfair advantage over your neighbors who own trucks!

This grill is fully forged 1 piece grille guard. The grill features full wraparound wings. The wraparound wings are made of extremely heavy-duty 2 diameter tube.

The uprights are finished and protected with wide rubber that technically has a 1/8 depth and 2 3/4 quarters wide. The result you can imagine is a solid clean look.

Furthermore, the full punch plate grille guards the vehicle’s ventilation (grill) area.
This grill guard is available in stainless steel and black powder coating finish. Read more to know more about this best grille guard for deer.
This product also comes with some pros and cons. Those are listed below.


  • One-piece construction welded
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Great shock absorbing bumper
  • Absorbs road bumps without hesitation


  • Makes the truck heavy resulting which impacts the speed

Technically speaking

  • Weight – 109 pounds
  • Dimensions- 88×36×29 inches
  • Exterior – smooth
  • Brand- Westin

4.0) Dec Zee DZ501819 Bull-Bar Ultra Black

Highlighted features

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Moveable abrasion resistance plate included
  • 3 years limited warranty
  • No need for drilling during the installation process
  • Dense material used
  • Shiny black powder coating surface
  • 3-inch steel tube
  • Factory drilled holes installed

We have always known that the heavier the material, the better the product. This a fact and we cannot deny it. Although the Dee Zee DZ501819 can! The exceptionally lightweight bumper provides the impeccable protection that your truck needs.

Bullbars are the perfect way to protect your car from dense brush, wildlife adventures, and careless drivers!

The black powder coating immediately toughness while adding an attractive look to your vehicle.

Moreover, the removable skid plate provides an extra layer of protection from debris that your truck might get from rough terrain. Read more to know more about this best grille guard for deer.

Furthermore, for enhanced visibility, holes are drilled in a factory on the crossbar. This is to give you the accessibility to add lights to the front of your vehicle.

It also gives you the opportunity to customize your bull bar. Hence more customization, enhanced visibility, lightweight, and an exceptional look gives you a variety of reasons to purchase this product!

The pros and cons of this product are


  • Extreme lightweight
  • Scratch resistance thanks to the black powder
  • Accessory lights can be added
  • Factory-installed drill holes
  • There years limited warranty


  • Unclear instructions hence difficult to fit
  • Poor quality standard instruction manual.

Technically speaking

  • Weight – 32.9 pounds
  • Brand – Dee zee
  • Dimensions- 15×44×28

5.0) Westin 57-3555 HDX Black Edition

Highlighted features

  • 2inch hollow tube design
  • Rigorous work rubber-pads
  • Fully covered punch plate center
  • Custom-fit accessibility
  • Fully wrapped guards for the headlights
  • Black low carbon steel alloy

The Westin 57-3555 HDX is the ultimate accessory in the truck gear category. Westin Automotive has always produced the most perfect accessories for the automotive world. This is due to their application of World-class material. Moreover, we have researched and found out that Westin is one of the most loved brands among customers.

The fully covered honeycomb design plate gifts the truck with astonishing front protection. Furthermore, it enhances the savage picture of the car. We know you want that!

The fit is so precise that you will not find any fault in its manufacturing process. Therefore no annoying vibrations due to loose-fitting.

The installation process is so seamless that you will love the user-friendliness of the product. Moreover, a user guide is provided, and guess what? The guide is as impeccable as the product itself. Read more to know more about this best grille guard for deer.

We think you will keep on looking at your truck after you have installed this gear. The black powder coating and the spark of classiness will for sure reflect your personality among the people around you. Although this product is impeccable, it has a con with several pros.


  • Elegant looking design
  • Custom-fit design
  • User-friendly manual
  • Good front protection
  • Undeniably one of the best quality


  • Heavy therefore extra lift needed

Technically speaking

  • Brand – Westin
  • Weight – 131 pounds
  • Dimension- 89×39×34
  • Exterior – black

6.0) AUTOSAVER88 Bull Bar Bumper

Product highlights

  • Easy installation
  • Glossy look
  • factory drilled holes
  • Mounting accessories included
  • Seamless welding
  • Full padlock installation
  • 3-inch rigorous duty tubing frame
  • Excellent front end protection

The AUTOSAVER88 Bull Bar is a beautiful piece of art by AUTOSAVER88. When we say that, we mean it. You have to see it by yourself to believe it.

The high gloss look gives a premium feel. All the trucks will be dominated on the road by your truck if you install this bumper. Not only it looks good, it also gives added protection

The guard skid plate design gives undercarriage protection which is also susceptible to damage. The writing construction of this product is so seamlessly done that you will need to work really hard to find any faults. Furthermore, it also gives a more redefined and confident look.

The autosaver88 bull bar has a great demand. Due to this, the product that they deliver often has severe damage. What you can do is call the seller of the product. The seller will be able to solve your problem with no doubt! This bumper is can be fitted with 2005 to 2015 Toyota Tacoma.

Some of the pros and cons are


  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Beautiful design
  • Additional room for additional lights
  • Exceptional skid plate design
  • Glossy bull bar


  • Bumper assembling into frame brackets needs assistance.

Technically speaking

  • Weight- 27.5 pounds
  • Dimensions- 41.5 × 21 × 6 inches

Tools needed for installation

  • Wrench

7.0) AUTOSAVER88 Bull Black With LED Bar light

Highlighted features

  • 72 watts  LED bar
  • No drills needed
  • Easy padlock installation
  • Pre-drilled holes
  • Wiring harness included
  • Front bumper included
  • Mounting brackets included

This AUTOSAVER88 Bull Black is perfectly crafted for Dodge RAM 1500. It provides the ultimate protection for your Dodge RAM. It also provides several other features.

The AUTOSAVER88 bull Black is a factory equipped with an LED bar for viewing enhancement, especially during night driving. Furthermore, it also enhances the look of the truck with no doubt! Therefore, you will be assured while driving at night that you are safe enough inside your truck.

The visibility problem is a severe problem among trucks as the body size is huge compared to the illumination power. Hence this product eliminates that weakness.

This product is also immune to rust! Thanks to its special e coating technology for which rust can never be seen. Additionally, you can say goodbye to rust. Therefore say hi to strength, rigidity, and durability.

You might be concerned that your grille guard might get easily tarnished. But this is not the case here. As the grille has a powder coating there is no chance to get rust in it.

However, with day to day use of this bull guard, the protective coating might start to decay. Furthermore, scratch might also be noticeable with day to day use.

That’s why we have the ultimate solution to offer to you. We recommend you to regular the bull guard so that a sustained layer is added over its protective coating. This will prevent the decay of the coating. Also, do wax to prevent scratches over the coating surface.

Be careful about the wax type you use. Using random polish might damage the bull guards’ coating rather than protecting it! Read more to know more about this best grille guard for deer.

Now comes the pros and cons section.


  • Has a LED bar
  • Easy installation process
  • No drilling required
  • Mounting brackets, cable harness, front bumpers


  • Headlight protection not included
  • Without proper polishing and waxing, the bull guards’ protective layer will decay, and rusting will take place.

Technically speaking

  • Brand – AUTOSAVER88
  • Weight – 32.4 pounds

8.0) Rough Country LED Bull Bar

Product highlights

  • Water-resistant LED
  • Removable license plate relocation bracket
  • Padlock installation process
  • 5 years limited warranty
  • 3 years of limited bar light warranty
  • Bullbar thickness 3inches
  • 20-inch black series single row LED Lightbar

We all know Toyota Tundra. The masterpiece created by Toyota is undeniably impeccable. Moreover, adding the Rough Country LED Bull Bar gives the Tundra extra elegance it needs.

The design of the Rough Country LED Bull Bar is impeccable for Toyota Tundra made between 2007- 2020. This bull bar is made to improve the Tundras off-road adventures. The bull bar is manufactured with a 3 inches steel tubing. This offers the vehicle an unbeaten resistance to damage when taking on an off-road adventure.

The lED bar enhances night time off-road experience. And we know how much you would love to do that with the beefy suspension and shocks of your Toyota Tundra! Taking that aspect in mind, this grill guard is made.

Here is a note for you. The following bullbar is not functional on vehicles with active cruise control. Furthermore, the proximity sensors and parking sensors might also get interfered if you install this Bull Bar. So do keep this in mind before buying this product.


  • 20 inches LED water-resistant light bar
  • 5 years limited bull bar warranty
  • 3 years limited Lightbar warranty
  • Easy installation process
  • Exquisite design


  • Interference with parking and proximity sensors
  • cannot be fitted on vehicles with active cruise control
  • Technically speaking
  • Weight – 57.3 pounds
  • Dimension – 45.7 × 25.4 × 8.9 inches
  • Material coating – powder coat
  • Bulb Type- LED

9.0) AUTOSAVER88 Chrome

Product highlights

  • Portable rust-resistant skid plate
  • Factory drilled holes
  • Shiny reflective finish
  • Padlock installation
  • Stainless steel tube push guard

The AUTOSAVER88 Bumper is optimized for Ford F150 stainless steel Bull Bar fit from 2004 to 2020.

This product is famous for its bumper’s material. The push guard material is made of a tube frame. The tube frames are made of stainless whose depth is 3 inches. It provides the best in class protection. After installation, you will experience a new look for Ford F150 of yours.

After a certain level of research, we found out that most of the reviews about this product are positive. Most of the reviews are focused on its strength and how durable the product is.

The reviews should be obvious as the pristine glossy finish further increases the layer protection of the guard’s surface. Hence increasing its useability.

The undeniably exceptional features make a fact sure. That is you will not repent after buying this product. It is so good that it should be purchased. You can install a protective plate below because the grills pre-installed drilled holes gives added protection to your vehicle.

The installation is also 100% easy. It is because of the full padlock installation feature. Read more to know more about this best grille guard for deer.

The pros and cons are listed below.


  • Front end protection
  • Best in class material usage
  • Offers vehicle a traditional look
  • Easy installation process
  • Protective plate can be easily installed


  • Guard needs everyday cleaning
  • The coating needs regular waxing.

Technically speaking

  • Weight – 55 pounds approx
  • Dimensions- 40.9 × 15.8 × 6.3 inches

10) Go Rhino 3000 Series StepGuard

Product highlights

  • Black powdered coating
  • Inbuilt step pad
  • Easy installation process
  • Rust – resistance
  • Easy windshield and hood area access.

The last product to review is the Go Rhino Black 3000. We think this product is important enough to be reviewed. You should also consider wasting your time seeing what this product can do.

This product has a patented design. The built-in step feature also comes with a step pad. The result? It makes accessing the engine, windshield, and hood areas easily and without any hassle.

Most importantly, it is a beautiful addition to your track. Beautiful enough to be complimented. Definitely it adds another level of attitude to your truck. Moreover, it will reflect your personality in front of pedestrians.

The grille guard varies with models. Some of the guards have brush textured headlight protectors. Some of them don’t have though. Furthermore, if you wish to add extra light, you will be able to do that. Thanks to the factory drilled holes.


  • Limited 5 years warranty.
  • Protects against impacts.
  • Built-in step pad
  • Easier engine, windshield, and hood area access.

Technically speaking

  • Weight – 55 pounds
  • Dimensions- 40.9×15.8×6.3 inches

Noteworthy considerations

If you have made your mind that you want to buy a grille guard product, we hope you have thoroughly read our article. There are lots of variations in the market place. Don’t be confused with tempting advertisements. Marketers’ goal is to persuade their customers in buying their product. You don’t want to buy a product that is not suitable for you. That’s why we thought about you. We don’t want you to be looser or just lose money in random wrong advertisement. Do read our whole article. Our article contains all the possible information that you need and we think it is essential for you to know.

Which guard is for whom?

If you are style elevated person, then we recommend you go for the stylish guard. The guard with polished stainless steel is a great option to consider.

If you are a classic person, we recommend you to go for any of the guards, which has a sleek and elegant design.

If you are an off-road type of person, go for the heavy-duty ones. This will give you the ultimate protection you need.

Do look for proper fitting guards. If the guards are not properly fit, unwanted vibrations will occur, which will hamper your driving experience. You don’t want that to happen. So be careful while purchasing. Read the reviews before purchasing any products. We have given all the reviews you need.

FAQ about Best Grille Guard For Deer

What is the reason for using a Grille Guard?

Every manufacturer makes a grille guard by keeping in mind that the buyers are buying them for protection. Hence you can say the most important purpose of a grille guard is for protection.

The grille guard also enhances the look of your truck. Although this is not the first priority in mind. The first priority is protection

Is using grille guard legal?

The legal permission for using a grille guard varies from country to country. Even state to state varies. So make sure before purchasing one, do go through your government website to check if this product is legal to use or not.

Remember, violation of the law might result in a sentence to prison or a huge amount of fine.

Are the airbags be affected when you install a grille guard?

The answer to this question is yes and no.

Yes is if you are buying a grille guard that is not optimized for your vehicle, then your airbag sensor might get affected.

No, if you are buying a grille guard that is optimized for your vehicle. If the grille guard is optimized, then your airbag sensor will not be affected.

To be on the safe side, always contact the dealer before purchasing.

The airbag is a safety feature of your car. It is advisable not to install any grille, which can hamper your airbag to function properly.


Hopefully, you will find the above article helpful.

Before buying any grille guard, do check their reviews. Contact the dealer if you have any questions. Consider the points mentioned above in this article before you purchase any grille guard. This is all about the best grille guard for deer.

We wish you all the best with any products you purchase. Have a safe drive, mate!

Furthermore, if you have any questions, do contact us via the comment section.

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